PALM TREE ASTRONOMY is a collection of writing and photography
that explores various and continually-evolving perspectives
of the human condition.

Through my work I humbly embark on an attempt to describe and exhibit
that place between the dirt of the desert and the dust of the stars
where lies the potential for dreaming to merge with reality.

Palm Tree Astronomy finds its home in no man's land,
and revels in contradiction.

I believe it IS possible to find truth in two opposing philosophies at once;
It IS possible to crave both solitude and companionship;
It IS possible to take comfort in laying your head to rest in the same house every night,
and yet still feel your feet ache for the pounding, dusty, relentless open road;
that other "home" that does exist, but only through your own perception of it.

Because each does not function without the other. 

The manifestation of paradox inhabits the entire universe
as much as it inhabits the most fleeting of our daily thoughts.

It is my delight, challenge, and adventure
to explore the gulf between extremes,
weaving from one interpretation to another,
until the tapestry yields insight.


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